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Saturday, September 2nd 2023, 12:07 AM

Baltimore Pressure Washing Experts Share Signs When to Pressure Wash Your Apartment Complex’s Outdoor Areas

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Managing an apartment complex means having a long list of things to do. Professional pressure washing takes care of one of the most tedious but critical tasks. 

In this article, Baltimore Pressure Washers, the leading exterior cleaning and pressure washing team in Maryland, explains the signs that a complex needs professional exterior cleaning.

Recognizing Your Apartment Complex Needs Pressure Cleaning Services

Quarterly pressure washing keeps an apartment complex in its best possible shape. However, when this isn’t possible, here are some signs that it’s time to call your local pressure washing experts.

The Exterior Surfaces Look Grubby

Many managers see dull or marked surfaces and think it’s time to get quotes for painting or resurfacing. Meanwhile, pressure washing is likely to do the trick. A good deep clean will instantly brighten the surface and remove stubborn marks. 

If it’s time to repaint, power washing prepares the surface by removing grease and grime that prevents the new paint from adhering properly. 

Erosion Is a Problem

When your property stands on a hill, the runoff can be problematic. Pressure washing your apartment complex could remove the mud quickly and easily, even when it’s baked on. Regularly cleaning the mud away makes the surface safer for your tenants to work on.  

The Tenants No Longer Use the Facilities

If tenants who previously used the facilities suddenly stop doing so, check for dirt. Most people want their leisure spaces to be clean and tidy. When these spaces are grimy, tenants won’t feel comfortable inviting friends and won’t want to use the facilities. 

Cleaning the area should make the tenants feel more welcome again. What’s more, keeping these areas tidy will impress potential tenants, allowing managers to increase the rent. 

Summer Is Around the Corner

Baltimore Pressure Washers suggests that managers schedule at least one cleaning in the spring. This readies the complex for the upcoming summer and clears away spores like algae and mold. 

This stops this organic growth from taking hold and prevents it from running rampant during the hottest time of the year. It’s also a good time to clear away leaves and other debris so they don’t rot on the roof or in other common areas. 

Contact Baltimore Pressure Washers for More Information

Baltimore Pressure Washers is the leading local exterior cleaning team in our community. They have experience in cleaning every type of complex, from small one-story buildings to high-rise complexes. The experienced teams are committed to delivering the best possible service. 

People looking for more information about pressure washing in Maryland should call our highly acclaimed experts.

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