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Friday, August 4th 2023, 12:05 AM

Pressure Washing Experts in Baltimore Explain More About the Frequency of Pressure Washing A Home

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How often should homeowners invest in pressure washing in Baltimore, MD? A quick rule of thumb is that people should wash their homes once every 6 to 12 months. However, this can vary depending on the location and circumstances. 

In this article, Baltimore Pressure Washers explain four times homeowners should consider washing their homes.

Annual Maintenance

Maintaining a home value is about maintenance and managing perceptions. Residential pressure washing ticks both boxes by removing substances that may harm the finish, washing away organic growth, and lifting the home's look.

The problem with dirt is that homeowners never know what it conceals. The wind can deposit grit, dust, allergens, chemicals, and other substances that can mar the finish. 

What’s more, the dirt can cake over holes in weather stripping and other flaws. These might then allow moisture into the property, increasing the chance for mold to take root. They might also affect the insulation capacity of the home. 

Pre-Sale Cleaning

If the home is clean, it’ll fetch a better price, making pressure washing in Baltimore a good investment. Potential buyers equate cleanliness with better upkeep and view the home as more move-in ready. 

Moreover, homeowners should never underestimate how valuable great curb appeal is. A newly washed home looks fresh and has a similar impact to a newly painted one. 

After Extensive Construction Near the Home

Renovations on the property or nearby are messy and leave a fine layer of dirt over everything. While this is annoying, what’s more, troubling is what the dust contains. 

It could be concrete, brick, sawdust, or drywall dust. There could be any number of other contaminants dug up from the soil. The point is that these make the home look dirtier, but they might also harm the inhabitants. 

There's a reason why contractors work in well-ventilated spaces or use masks when working. When these substances land on a house, nothing stops them from blowing into an open window on the next breeze. Here they might wreak havoc with the resident’s respiratory systems. 

Before Renovating 

Cleaning before a renovation makes even more sense than house washing after one. Why? It’s simple a deep clean before the work starts washes away dirt, grease, loose paint, and other compounds that might get in the way of a smooth new finish. 

Pressure washing the deck is useful in removing algae, grayed-out wood, and old traces of varnish. With these out of the way, you can more easily apply the new finish. 

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