Baltimore Pressure Washers Share The Best Time to Power Wash a House
Wednesday, July 5th 2023, 12:05 AM

Pressure Washing Professionals in Baltimore Go Over the Best Time for House Power Washing

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Residential property owners can transform the appearance of their homes through power washing in Baltimore, MD. Baltimore Pressure Washers, a trusted commercial and residential power washing business, can answer when the best time to power wash a home is. They have provided services to the residents of Baltimore since 1994 and are well-prepared to break down this common question.

Their team always follows pressure washing safety and knows how that intertwines with the appropriate conditions for power washing. Baltimore Pressure Washers shares some factors that will help determine the best time of year to power wash a home, such as the following:

Time of Last Power Wash

Homeowners who haven't had a professional power washing in a long time, such as a year or more, may feel a greater urgency to clean their exteriors. Fall has good temperatures for power washing and helps prepare a property for winter by removing leaves and wet debris. Spring has optimal weather for power washing and removes winter's damage to a property's exterior.

Current Temperatures

Power washers often experience a more limited water supply in the summer as it dries out more quickly. The temperatures for power washing a home are anything above freezing or below boiling. The variety of temperatures for power washing creates a larger window for professionals to complete the job.

Weather Conditions

The professionals at Baltimore Pressure Washers are familiar with selecting the appropriate power washing equipment for numerous weather conditions. Almost all weather conditions are acceptable for power washing. However, if their team deems the weather too extreme, they will return immediately to expertly clean the property with their resources.

Listing the Home for Sale

Property owners who are preparing to sell their homes should book a professional power washing in Baltimore before listing. Calling power washers means every square inch of the exterior will be ready and appealing to potential buyers. This could occur any time of year.

Upcoming Gatherings

A vital aspect of preparing for special occasions and gatherings is cleaning all vertical surfaces of a home. That includes the inside and out, and an upcoming event may make power washing more urgent. Property owners preparing for winter festivities should power wash their homes in the fall, while spring is ideal if their events fall within the summer months.

Cleanliness of the Home

Some property owners have difficulty finding the time to ensure their exteriors have clean surfaces. Since power washing in Baltimore is a part of routine maintenance, the best time of year for the job may focus on how dirty a property is. 

Without power washing, many contaminants can lurk on a building's surface, such as:

  • Algae and moss
  • Mold
  • Black streaks
  • Bird droppings
  • Dirt, dust, and debris
  • Excess moisture
  • Wet leaves

Contact Baltimore Pressure Washers for Services

Baltimore Pressure Washers recommends fall or spring as the best time for power washing in Baltimore, MD. Homeowners interested in their services should contact them for more information.

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