Baltimore Pressure Washers Give Tips on Preparing Your Home for Pressure Washing
Tuesday, June 6th 2023, 12:00 AM

Pressure-Washing Experts in Baltimore, MD, Explains How to Prepare a Home for Pressure-Washing Services

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Residential and commercial property owners can significantly improve the appearance and function of their homes by contacting pressure washing professionals. However, many property owners wonder about the safety concerns of pressure washing services. Below, Baltimore Pressure Washers explains how property owners can prepare their property before power washing services

Any exterior cleaning, repair, and maintenance performed by property owners improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of residential and commercial pressure washing services.

Clear the Area 

In preparation for pressure-washing services, ensure no pets or children disrupt pressure-washing professionals. High water pressure can harm individuals if property owners fail to create safe work environments. Remove any outdoor furniture, planters, or outdoor cooking equipment to improve maneuverability surrounding the perimeter of properties. 

Electrical Safety 

Cover or turn off exterior electrical outlets. Highly trained pressure washers will not indiscriminately spray outdoor electrical outlets, but turning off external electrical outlets creates safe work environments in case of any electrical malfunctions. Use plastic sheeting or burlap to cover outdoor electrical outlets before pressure washing experts arrive. 

Repair Leaks and Cracks 

Water can enter through roof leaks and damage roof decking, membranes, and underlayment. Property owners should thoroughly inspect their properties for signs of damaged ventilation systems, roof leaks, cracked window frames, and damaged gutters. Pressure-washing experts can work more effectively when property owners communicate and repair damaged exterior surfaces. 

Remove Large Debris 

Pressure washers excel at removing microscopic bacteria from residential and commercial properties. Toxic mold spores, algae, and mildew can't withstand the incredible spraying power of advanced pressure washing systems. Property owners can expedite pressure-washing services by removing larger sticks or piles of leaves before their appointment with pressure-washing professionals. 

Protect Plants 

Many pressure-washing experts use 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions during pressure-washing services, but bleach solutions may prove necessary for removing incredibly stubborn mold and mildew. Use plastic sheeting to cover nearby plants, shrubs, and flowers from water run-off during pressure washing services. Ask local pressure-washing experts what cleaning agents they use before appointments and scheduled cleanings. 

Conduct Minor Cleaning 

Property owners should consider cleaning their siding, gutters, foundation, and windows before their appointments to make pressure washing services even more effective. Regularly scrubbed algae, mold, and mildew remove more efficiently, resulting in a more effective and stunning cleaning process. Spend a day clearing stains from exterior surfaces to get the most out of professional pressure washing services. 

Common stains removed by innovative pressure washing systems include: 

  • Bird droppings
  • Rust stains
  • Black mold 
  • Mildew
  • Graffiti paint 
  • Weather damage 
  • Water spots 

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